JRS Sports Management was established in 2010 when JRS Asset Management and sports agent Daniel Wessfeldt decided to form a joint venture in order to create a fully comprehensive service concept for elite athletes.

The relationship with JRS Asset Management is strong and the close relationship provides access to a valuable network of advisers, consultants and other professional athletes. For more information about JRS Asset Management, Click here

Daniel Wessfeldt has a long background in sports, and began his career as a sports agent back in 1987. He first became interested in a career as a sports agent during his studies in Los Angeles, California. During his time in Los Angeles, Daniel developed a broad network within the sports world, a network that includes Carl Lewis and the Santa Monica Track Club. Another American athlete who became a valuable contact for Daniel in the US is the legendary Edwin Moses. Both Moses and Lewis have become frequent visitors to major Swedish sports events.

When Daniel returned to Sweden in 1987 he decided to become a professional sports agent and promoter. Today, Daniel is CEO of JRS Sports Management.


JRS Sports Management AB 
Org nr: 556855-4769
Address: Skeppsbron 2, 211 20 Malmö, Sweden