Wealth Management

As our client, you have the option of utilising our financial services to help you obtain a comprehensive approach to your finances and capital planning.

Through JRS Asset Management, we offer consulting services in all aspects of wealth management, tax and legal advice, family law and insurance. We can also assist you with such simple tasks as paying bills and doing banking errands. As our client, you also have access to expert discretionary asset management and personal counselling. Our managers analyse the individual client’s wishes and special circumstances, and create a unique portfolio based on the client’s specific risk profile and investment horizon.

Discretionary asset management means that you as client delegate day-to-day management decisions to us – the manager is authorised to make regular reinvestments, within the boundaries that you have established together. The benefit of discretionary asset management is that you don’t need to take active part in managing your assets – your asset manager looks after your investments and can make rapid adjustments. Since we have a large share of international clients, our financial services are available on both the national and international levels, wherever the client is domiciled. Our goal is to relieve pressure on our clients and simplify their financial lives to the greatest possible extent.


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