Career timing

Many athletes work to gain visibility in their field during the first phase of their career, a time when earning potential is not the most important consideration. As an athlete, you should begin establishing your brand during the second phase of your professional career, when effective management and marketing are crucial for optimising your earnings.

The third step is the high point of your professional career – your earning potential is probably greatest during this phase. Expert financial planning and management are decisive, since you are most likely preparing to bring your sports career to a close in the near future and are redirecting your focus to new goals and challenges.

You enter the fourth phase as you begin to wind down your sports career and look for new challenges. This may be a strategic choice on your part, or may be something more sudden precipitated by unexpected events. Whatever the reason, all athletes reach a point where they need to look for new challenges and a new career choice. Some athletes may simply want to retire and settle down. JRS Sports Management can also assist you during this phase. We have expertise within planning, career coaching, insurance, management and everything that is needed before, during and after your career as an elite athlete.


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